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Forest of Dean District Council

Question: Do you have any examples of how you have helped young people in the community already?

Asked by kimi to Marion on 6 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Marion WinshipMarion Winship answered on 6 Oct 2010:

    I have tried to get involved with the Youth Forum and have been to some of their events. In our village we set up a Youth Group to the Parish Council and we listen to their ideas and views. In fact we installed an activity area on the playing fields in response to this.



  • Photo: AndrewAndrew commented on 6 Oct 2010:

    Recently I assist to find ground for youth football team in my village of Ruardean. Last month i intervened when police and Mitcheldean Parish Council acted against the best interest of young people by demolishing their BMX track. I expressed my feelings in the local papers about the Police and MPC being negative instead of helping them. As usual both these agencies contacted me and tried to justify their actions – however I could not accept their poor excuses and told them.


  • Photo: JaneJane commented on 6 Oct 2010:

    I managed to get some funding for our Youth Club .I have listened to your concerns and try to persuade those that manage Budgets to safeguard funding.


  • Photo: LenLen commented on 6 Oct 2010:

    Recently, supported local [Newent] young people in their bid to hold an outdoor music event by the lake. Invited them to the Council meeting so that they could demonstrate their seriousness about holding the event. A great day was had by all.


  • Photo: DiDi commented on 7 Oct 2010:

    I have helped out at playgroups and local schools when my children were younger and I also ran a Woodcraft Group In Cinderford, I am a trustee of CANDI and try and support youth events when I can. I supported the campaign for a skatepark in Cinderford and also try and talk to local young people , especially if they have problems which I can help them with in a confidential way.I have been CRB checked!


  • Photo: BruceBruce commented on 11 Oct 2010:

    I have spent my working life as a school teacher and have always been involved in extra-curricular activities from helping with skiing trips, helping school productions and refereeing Saturday matches. I am a trustee of my local village hall and recreation ground which provide facilities for young people.